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tv   [untitled]    October 29, 2014 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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>> thank you. next speaker. >> supervisor wiener and supervisor cohen and supervisor mar connie celebrating our 4 year anniversary comprised of labor unions coming together to work to continue the process of making san francisco the city that we all know and love we appreciate supervisor mar our hard, hard work in this we know that you worked with a large coalition and it takes a lot of stick to itness and we support this compromise legislation one of the things beef been talking about in the halls of justice has to do with the balance of honoring the vitality fabric of
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our business on whatever street on fillmore or third street or union street honoring that and pd to keep that intact but also when we bring in formula retail what happens those to jobs and economic so the jobs for justice i'm sure you're all aware of has been working on the bill of rights for formula retail in particular we're excited to have it expanded in the initiate it's talking about the worker bill of rights when those companies come in insuring they provide jobs because we all care about the jobs that are variable so it looks like it will go forward and look forward to working with you in the future.
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>> thank you very much. next speaker. >> supervisor wiener and supervisor mar and supervisor cohen my name is michelle i'm from jobs for justice we're here to support supervisor mar's ordinance and updated language and in addition to what connie said we supported workers rights for formula retail that if the businesses want to come into san francisco they should also have higher standards to protect san franciscan who are working in those industries so we just stand in support of the legislation. >> thank you very much mr. wormer. >> good afternoon, supervisors it's excelling sdroipt i don't have to go through my long list of crafted points (laughter) that i thank you to supervisor mar and other supervisors for
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crafting i think what sounds like a very good piece of legislation i looked forward to read it. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi good afternoon. i'm here for on behalf of might have myself and the youth we need the commercial stores for the youth to build the resumes it is hard enough for us to get jobs so if we could keep the commercial stores so we're out of trouble and build resumes and have crazy someplace else so i do appreciate it. >> next speaker >> good afternoon. i'm ann i am a resident of san francisco district 8 i moved out here from washington, d.c. about a year and a half i was prior to that a
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consultant advising on regional projects and advising based upon the compacts of the community i'm here to oppose the additional formula retail i don't think they're good for the city respectively to all of you who have lived in san francisco we got off easily during the last recession we are asking for trouble when landlord-tenant get to raise their rents this limits an ability to refinance and take out limits of credit if you're a long island and need to help a tenant to give them an rounds it makes it harder realty vacancies
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all we're seeing from 2015 we've hit a plateau this is small businesses as well as large businesses san francisco will not be a unit we're part of a bigger economy i implore you everything you do here as a longer impact for the city. >> thank you very much. next speaker. hi, i'm vicky i'm here as a native san franciscan i grew up if the neighborhood and went to school and worked in the neighborhood i'm concerned about now city officials and local government controlling to this level as to what upstairs in this neighborhood i believe this country was developed on free market and
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competition and enterprise i think the neighborhoods and the people that own the real estate the people that own and live there are the best decision-makers as to that those kind of decisions i ever neighborhood is different a lot of the neighborhoods will be greatly harmed by the inability to have the all of a sudden formula retail the formula retail definition is too broad there's a big diverse within a store having 11 stores invading is nothing compared to 7-eleven or whatever i don't think the management of rent control has been done well and the commercial rent control is what it's talking about so thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is
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is scarringal i'm a resident of san francisco in search of my community and that pleased i don't have to give my speech about 11 is not enough i have one remaining comment i here the phrase the community and an hour ago i heard another coffee shop in our area is closing and i think we'll get another $800 bus shop now coffee shops promote community gradually people get to know each other and talk about all sorts of thing you i've not seen that in an $800 blouse shop but if i need one i can reach right out and get one
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in an average thank you (laughter). >> thanks. >> next speaker. >> good afternoon greetings. i'm ms. brown here today to represent a part of the community that most people tend to forget about i have an eventual braikd background working with people in that believe for people that can't afford long term health insurance so they comply people like me to take care of them in their hope home and go shopping for them i like what i heard as far as the amendment what we're talking about today basically a reminder whether the large and small businesses are people like seniors need to get to the
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businesses r a big part of being a senior is the independence and run errands in the community and their part of the community and just continue to make sure they are heard and big part of this is doing they're part to getting to businesses thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi, i'm jazz monday gregory i feel commercial businesses are important to our community they provide jobs for the youth i started at 4 working in a retail business so the think the commercial businesses are important to the community thank you they also offer help us become
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for independent especially for youth they teach us responsibility and critical thinking and social responsibility and help us to grow and be more efficient with ourselves thank you. >> thank you come on up. >> good afternoon, supervisors i'm janet crane an architect with smith and crane my firm. >> i don't think i've called our name yet. >> oh, yeah, we'll call you shortly i think the only two, that have not testified has vicky testified oh, my apologies and priers so the next banish of
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cards. >> (calling names) i have more to go yeah. >> so the names i just called
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you can come on up. >> good afternoon steven with the polk streets merchant and i also had a business that has gone through a cu no one opposed it but the planning department had an approval it took 3 i do not have months to get through it's a long process costing not only to my business but to my landlord also and the neighborhood with an city storefront we want to get the fee process under control it is not fair to anyone small businesses or big businesses or landlords or anything when you talked about changing the threshold in 50 thousand, 20 thousand is still is a large
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business we took a mental walk through a couple of neighborhoods most businesses are weigh under 10 thousand square feet like wall green house we had two pieces of legislation that is now combined to one piece of legislation there's nothing written on it is hard to comment the dvlt and thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello afternoon i live in the chinatown i would like to have those one
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store in my neighborhood because my i don't have a car so then i go out to buy something every time i need to buy something it takes a long time to go home it's convenient and comfortable for me yeah. thank you. >> thank you very much >> next speaker. >> thank you for supervisor listen to our voice i'm here as an interpreter for my friend leelee she lives in chinatown and her. >> and you'll have double the time because of the interpretation.
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>> yeah, she said she have a small business in chinatown and then she didn't have a car she also working for shopping and also she wants to have lots of retail shores or stores like safeway to make it concerning convenient for her shopping and it will be helpful for the elderly living no chinatown helping the people around her so thank you for linking. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i live in bay city so i believe this is a lot of spaces
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to build vacant store and also people live in the city in bay city more people that way it will be nice to have a supermarket and other kind of store in bay view for more prosperity and more people have a job and so it is also convenient for the people living in bay city so thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> supervisor my name is i enjoy a appreciate the convenience of shooting in a one store whether w where there are plenty of items more choices people like to spend more money
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and buy a lot of farther products they have more resources to maintain their space in a way that is convenient and healthy and comfortable especially for moms with babies if they shop space and more employment opportunities i'd like to see a lot of departments local labor store which are easy to go to thank you. >> thank you very much, sir. >> good afternoon if i had more time i'd spend more times thaun i think we are moving in the right direction i'm a merchant in the valencia corridor and the vice president thought he
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valencia merchant corporation we've been ground zero for formula retail for the past year or so we're not really happen about the increase to 9 to sound like a chain store we have 19 stores but our biggest concerns i want to share i haven't heard mention it the a.m. gut around parent companies this is disconcerting if jack spade has one hundred stores and the kate stores as 5 hundred stores it so you would we've not made process in the area and we'll have to leave our businesses to fight this battle to spend countless hours to keep our neighborhood free of chain stores we want to see language that specifics this.
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>> this is the first i've heard of the second issue and i minimal some of the merchants will be concerned about chain stores going on the second floor i guess i need more details but it's concerting that sprbz can go over a rut i can't tell coffee. >> this is about financial services and limited financial services not rail it's not beyond that but in my event it will go back to the planning commission with a full process. >> thank you. >> sir my office will be convening a working group from the jake spade issue i know a lot of people have an interest we'll be could go doing our best to work with the city attorney's
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office as quickly as possible to work and it's a challenge for the plaintiff but we'll put our heads together to pit together a concrete proposal for subsidies it's a key issue you agree. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm natalie real estate manager with safeway thanks to everyone this is a voefld and pulling this altogether there's been multiple changes i've not seen the final draft but i wanted to call two items to everyone's attention on the personal services glad to hear there's consideration for the second floor and services maybe in the basements or next to the grocery store like the
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katrero serviced that is considered the basement this is sin allergic to the grocery store we would like to welcome them, and, secondly, the 20 percent concentration in upper market and it's codification our specific concern is if there's a case where pertaining with upper market and church if we go to do something there it's supported that i the neighborhood and staff we've done all the research and the automatic disapproval casts a 0 cloud there's been specific examples of sees candy and sprbz not but those all 3 of the items the discussion was very firm going into that if there's more of a gray area i don't know we've worked through the details thank you for your
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consideration. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> i'm matt holmes of west san francisco the greatest threat to retail and small businesses is e conversion in 2004 when this legislation began internet sales were $67 billion this year or last year $211 billion the trending up by 15 to 20 percent per year if you strip away automobile sales people are saying that internet are counting for thirty percent of the sales so people say in 2018 with a robust economy we're going to be looking at two to thirty percent of the i take it retail stores closing because of the internet i'm promoted to my legislation that will make it hard to fill vacancies everyone
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is concerned about the character of nanldz i see no character in empty storefronts has a valley and north beach raising rents chabz have has nothing to do with to with it lack of the character i think this city's way too focused on the opposition and we're cod left leg the customers. >> i have a report you want you to look at. >> 0 could i say our name, again. >> matthew holmes san francisco west. >> next speaker >> hi, i'm sarah - >> matthew holmes what's retail west. >> it's based in san francisco a retail firm.
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>> a retail firm. >> (inaudible). >> thank you i'm sorry to interrupt you. >> sarah i live and work in san francisco i do retail leasing for tenants here in san francisco we represent a number of tenants such as romeburg and all the holmes and the coffee stores and i wanted to point out 3 quick points on a tenant perspective my tenants couldn't be here they are working number one i met with a tenant on 16th street i'm not going to name it's name he's a local tenant and he was still talking about the whole jake spade situation on 6th street i want everyone to know they have no
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offers on the space and both storefront are city vacant he feels he's struggling in business because of it and number 2 i have some tenants on hating valley anybody that wants to sell their lease they've asked me to go out to formula retail tenants to lease their space and i've told them this is not possible because of the restriction and finally, there's because of the local tenants they want to go on streets like chestnut and union street to be next to matt and apple thank you very much and thank you very much. next speaker. >> hi, i'm samantha thanks for having me i was born and raised in san francisco and represent
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landlords and tenants local regional and national in the area and a lot of our clients have you know been you fluctuating businesses throughout the years and most of them we've seen close are not because of formula retail operator moved in next door but a because of family and medical issues anothers mitigating circumstances because of the social and technology downturn they've created instability in our neighborhood rail and reducing traffic it's in our best interests to have a healthy mix of local and national changes creating stability because they bring in the foot traffic that brings the foot traffic to the smaller
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retailer it is important p florida people are flocking to those coffee shops they would be doing enough business to support we're experiencing a large surlg or surge in the population and a lot of the vacancies in the mid-market area where the new growth is take place we want to point out it's expensive to build out the spaces and expensive to rent this mix would be healthy for the neighborhood and create jobs in areas we really need them so we can afford to live in the high-rise. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is pamela i'll lived in san francisco since 1976 you can't artificially protect
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locals by keeping international brands out of the san francisco consumers make a decision where theirs to shop declaring to informs people to shop in other cities apples to apples and on the internet real estate i have is my business i work with local mom and pop i'm known in neighborhoods by tenants i've been doing this a long time and i understand retail as well as anyone in the room for anyone that thinks the cu process is a streamline process and think that international retailers will be willing to go through the process it's expensive and time chooum and no guarantees for anyone anyone that thinks there is enough qualified mom and pop's to fill the neighborhoods doesn't understand retail and retail trends the process is background i'm not how people
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that are retails in different countries i'm struggling to find the international brand the following tenants were advice to bypass san francisco by components because of our pending international rules because it is costing and it is uncertain tom's and fall raven and others none are brand names in san francisco or the u.s. yet people knows about those and the fraction of a size of unglow i would love to make if i have the time an example of a situation on fillmore street were there was a local tenant that was but out by what was considered an international tenant a lot of information that
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come out in the press it was incorrect i was involved in the deal there was a failing mom and pop on the corner of fillmore and california he tried to sell his business for half a million dollars that went symbol his pocketed not the landlord pocket tefsz behind in his rent the landlord gave them a rent reduction and in fact there's a utilize for someone that fell down the stairs and hit his head and headed to anlogically bathroom the tenant paid the money and went through the cu p processes they've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and paid almost a year rent during the process they then invested a million dollars both the space that's a beautiful space the end product didn't matter this tenant is telling me everyone


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